Terms of Reference

The Campbell River Coalition to End Homelessness (the Coalition) works as a collective to plan, coordinate, recommend and implement community responses to homelessness.

Our Mandate

  • Work with all levels of government; including First Nations, Metis and their respective agencies, those who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, the private sector, housing providers, faith groups and non-governmental organizations to develop a community action plan to end homelessness in Campbell River.

  • Utilizing existing information and acquiring additional information as required, build an action plan to address the identified health, economic and social needs of people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless which includes a continuum of appropriate, adequate, safe and supportive housing.

  • Help to develop and support local low barrier housing initiatives such as, subsidized housing, supportive housing, emergency shelters and transitional housing

  • Develop a five year strategic plan in conjunction with all of the community partners and all levels of government and coordinate efforts to achieve those priorities.

Members of the Coalition will be comprised of representatives of community stakeholders from a diverse cross section of organizations including, but not limited to:

  • Indigenous groups (Friendship Centres, and non-profits)

  • Not for profit service provider organizations

  • Faith Groups

  • Health Agencies

  • Community Groups

  • Not for profit housing providers

Organizations will be asked to appoint one representative. Member organizations may send an alternate to a meeting in the absence of the appointed representative. Member organizations may be added at any time by consensus of the group.

Leadership Team
Members of the Coalition will choose a Leadership Team, up to a maximum of 7 people. The Leadership Team will be made up of a cross section of the member organizations. Membership of the leadership team will be reviewed on an annual basis in June, always ensuring a continuity of leadership team members. The role of the Leadership Team will be to coordinate the activities of the Coalition and bring items for discussion and decision forward to the members.

Action Team/Sub-Committees
Action teams and/or temporary-short term sub committees may be established for specific issues related to housing and homelessness in Campbell River.

Advisory organizations and individuals without voting rights, may include, but are not limited to:

  • Government Agencies (e.g. VIRL, BC Housing, FNHA, Social Development, MCFD)

  • Local Government (staff)

  • RCMP

  • Elected Local, Provincial, First Nation and Federal representatives

  • Members of the Public

  • For-profit Housing providers

  • Community Service Clubs

  • Chamber, BIA

  • Developer

Advisory organizations may be added at any time by consensus of the Members.

Meeting Procedures

  • The Coalition shall meet monthly.

  • Special meetings shall be at the call of the Leadership Team or at the request of any three Members of the Coalition.

  • Decisions will be made by consensus of the Members at a meeting. There needs to be a minimum of 10 Members at a meeting to make a decision.

  • Advisory organizations and individuals will participate in the decision making though discussion at the meetings.

  • All meetings will be held in open session and in a location accessible to the public.


  • Where any Member wishes to raise and/or discuss confidential information, it is the responsibility of that Member to advise other Members and Advisors that the information is to be treated as confidential.

  • Members agree not to divulge any and all confidential information.

Conflict of Interest

  • Members and Advisors must declare interest or conflict of interest prior to meetings or as the situation arises.

Download the Terms of Reference here.