Our Mission:

The Campbell River and District Coalition to End Homelessness works as a collective to plan, coordinate, recommend and implement community responses to homelessness.

Our Values & Operating Principles

Members and advisors of the Coalition agree to put aside the respective goals for their individual society, agency or association and wholeheartedly commit to collaborating on the priority needs of people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

The Coalition will:

  • Speak with one voice to address the priority needs of individuals who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in Campbell River.

  • Use a process of consensus for decision-making.

  • Operate from an inclusive, participatory, transparent and respectful basis in evaluating, planning and implementing actions to address homelessness.

  • Be action oriented and focused on results and outcomes and impacts on people who are homeless, or at risk of being homeless and the community as a whole.

  • Use collaborative strategies in all efforts to end or prevent homelessness be it housing and/or support services, including advocating for funds.

  • Liaise with all community stakeholders and encourage their active participation in meeting the goals of the Coalition.

  • Incorporate the principles of “housing first” and “harm reduction” and work towards providing a continuum of housing solutions.

  • Identify and advocate for selective projects that address gaps along the continuum of housing and support services targeting the full spectrum of age, ethnicity and population groups.